Scythe FUMA Rev.B CPU Cooler (SCFM-1100)

Stock Status: Discontinued
Key Specifications
  • 300 to 1400 RPM Fan Speed

  • Max 28 dBA Noise Level

  • Max Airflow: 79 CFM

  • Dimension: 137 x 149 x 130mm

SKU:#039176 Warranty1 year by Scythe Product No.:SCFM-1100 Short link: See specifications from the manufacturer

Fuma Rev.B is made of two towers connected via six heatpipes to the baseplate. The twin-tower structure prevents mutual heating of the heatpipes while enhancing heat dissipation to the fins. Combined with further improvements, cooling performance increases, whereas compact dimensions are maintained. Fuma is predestined for ultra-quiet cooling but is an ideal overclocking cooler as well - at a very reasonable price.

Flexible Fan Mounting
The heatsink is designed for the use of up to three fans. If two fans are used, flexible fan positioning is possible. This way, Fuma Rev.B adopts perfectly to the case airflow. Furthermore, flexible fan mounting increases compatibility - conflicts with memory modules can be avoided.

Slip Stream 120 PWM Fans
Included with Fuma Rev.B are two Slip Stream fans, a series valued by its' customers for many years. It is characterized by its' small fan hub enhancing the air flow. The PWM-range, justed to meet Fumas´ requirements, offers the best possible combination of noise level, cooling efficiency and durability.


1 year by Scythe