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If you have questions regarding your order, we ask that you write an email to our sales department, please use our contact page. Remember to supply your order-number and a short description of what you want answered. You can also call our shop on telephone: 03 2520 177 - we have opening ours mon-fri 09am. - 6pm.
If your profile at invadeIT is created using a valid email address and you have not received an order-confirmation email from us after placing your order, the order has apparantly not been placed properly. Try checking if you have spam-filter or something like that enabled as it might unintentionally have blocked our order-confirmation email.

You always have a full overview of all your orders with us, including cancelled orders, in your order history on our website. You will therefore be able to conclude that something is wrong if within an hour you have not received an order-confirmation email and also can't see the order in your order history.

When using a credit card as payment method, the money will be withdrawn right away, so if your order was not properly placed and you think that the money has been withdrawn, you should contact us by using our contact page or by telephone: 03 2520 177. If you however selected bank transfer and you have transfered the money already, you can just place a new order for the same products and the same payment will be used for the new order.
When you have placed an order with us, you will automatically get sent mails with the delivery status of your order by email. If you are in doubt of the delivery status of your order, you can contact us by using our contact page, or by telephone: 03 2520 177.
For each product there is an expected delivery time on our website. These delivery times is not guaranteed, but they are our best guess on a delivery time for the product before ordering. When you have placed an order with us, you will continually receive an updated order status with a more accurate delivery time.
Yes, we would very much like to help you with that. Please write us using our contact page, where you write a bit about what the product should be used for, how much it can cost, etc. Then we will have a closer look at your mail, and get back to you within a short period of time with a link to our website to a product that will match your needs.

Regarding installation, manuals or compatibility questions, we refer you to the manufacturer for answers.
No, unfortunately that is not possible, since an order can not be changed so that the total amount gets bigger than the original order amount. If you want, we can cancel your order, then you can create a new order with the extra product.
No, unfortunately we can not merge orders like that. If you like we can cancel both orders, then you can create a new order containing all the products.
No, unfortunately that is not possible. You get the product for the price you ordered it at. If your order has not yet been billed and shipped, we can if you like cancel the order, then you are free to order again to the new price, but then you risk getting back in line in any delivery time queues that might be.
Yes, there is a delivery option that allows you to come by our shop and pick up your package. This option saves you the delivery fee that would otherwise be charged on top of your order.
Yes, we will send an email to you as soon as we have shipped your order. In that mail will also be a tracking number so you can keep an eye on your package as it is being transfered to you. You also have access to tracking numbers for all your completed orders in your profile on our website.
If you wish to make a complaint about a defect/faulty product, that has been bought from invadeIT, you should contact our support department via our contact page. In the mail the following should be included: Order number and a description of the problem. We will read your description and reply, typically within the same day, with instructions on how your complaint will be treated.