Corsair Premium Individually Sleeved ATX 24-Pin Cable, Type 4 (Generation 3) - Black

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Key Specifications
  • RMi series, RMx series, SF Series

Color: Black

Cable Type: ATX 24-Pin Cable, Type 4

ATX 24-Pin Cable, Type 4EPS12V/ATX12V Cables, Type 4
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Clutter-Free PSU Paracord Cables
CORSAIR Premium Individually Sleeved Type 4 Generation 3 ATX 24-pin cables feature a flexible paracord sleeve and in-line capacitors that reduce ripple and noise, ensuring clean voltage. These cables are specifically designed to work with our power supplies using the Type 4 pinout including our SF Series™ power supplies.

Multiple color options and kits to match your system
Match your system design with a variety of vibrant color options and route them easily thanks to the flexible triple layer mesh paracord sleeve. Also available as part of the CORSAIR Premium PSU Cable kits with included cable combs for neatly displaying your cables and a fabric bag for storage.

In-line capacitor on ATX 24-pin: reduces ripple and noise, ensuring clean voltage
Paracord sleeves: Flexible triple layer mesh paracord sleeves for easy cable routing and elegant aesthetics.
Heatshrink-free connectors: Maintain streamlined design.
Cable comb: Organize the cables the way they’re meant to be displayed
1 Year Warranty

Package contents
1x ATX 24-pin cable
1x 24-slot cable comb

Corsair PSU Compatibility:
RMi series, RMx series, SF Series, Corsair Type 4 PSU