SilverStone SATA Power 4-Way Splitter Cable (SST-CP06-E4)

SKU:#024223 Product No.:SST-CP06-E4 Short link: See specifications from the manufacturer

Continuous support for four sets of SATA drives and devices
Includes two 2200μF capacitors for stabilizing +12V and +5V voltages
Great aesthetics with all black cables
Super flexible cable technology
Compatible with SATA optical and hard drives

SilverStone understands the trouble and headache some have when trying to get multiple SATA devices connected. To alleviate this, SilverStone developed a new generation of SATA power connector cables called the CP06-E to succeed the breakthrough CP06. By using the latest super flexible material, the CP06-E will fit to any SATA devices easily without excessive bending and stress on connected devices, even if the gap between SATA devices are slightly different than CP06-E! Besides 4-in-1 model, a second 2-in-1 model of CP06-E with shorter gaps will also be available. This is a great solution for users using adapters such as SilverStone’s own SDP08, where two 2.5” drives would need to be installed almost next to each other. Finally, just like CP06, two high quality 2200μF capacitors are also included on CP06-E to provide stable voltage to all connected devices. So if you have a lot of SATA drives in your system, the CP06-E is a must buy for improving aesthetics and drive reliability.