Thermaltake TOUGHFAN 12 High Static Pressure Radiator Fan (Single Pack) Case Fan

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Key Specifications
  • Fan Speed 500~2000 RPM

  • Connector 4-pin PWM Header

  • Dimension 120 x 120 x 25mm

  • Max Noise Level 24.7 dBa

  • Max Air Flow 58.35 CFM

SKU:#053360 Warranty2 Years by Thermaltake Product No.:CL-F117-PL12BL-A Short link: See specifications from the manufacturer

Thermaltake TOUGHFAN PWM-controlled high static pressure fan features an optimized structure to maximize high-end cooling needs.

Unparalleled Cooling Performance
The TOUGHFAN is a PWM controlled fan which is designed to perform at a maximum operating speed of up to 2000 RPM allowing unparalleled cooling performance.

Exceptional Blade Design
Featuring high tensile strength and low thermal expansion coefficient materials, the fan blade is built with special liquid crystal polymer (LCP), a compound which minimizes vibration when the fan is operating at full speed.

Metal-Reinforced Motor Hub
The TOUGHFAN’s center is constructed with a full steel motor hub providing enhanced stability and durability.

The 2nd Generation Hydraulic Bearing
The 2nd generation hydraulic bearing incorporates a new shaft design with inside etches allowing preservation of lubricant on both sides whilst reducing noise during operation. Lowering audible levels and extending lifespan.

Built for Superior Cooling
The TOUGHFAN is designed for all cooling applications. It’s your perfect go to solution whether your using it as radiator fan or on a air cooler. Level up with the TOUGHFAN for superior cooling performance.


2 Years by Thermaltake