Innergie 60W USB-C Laptop Power Adapter White (ING-ADP-60BW WRB)

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Key Specifications
  • Ultra Compact

  • USB-C Laptop Power Adapter

  • 60W Total Output Power

  • Cable Length 1.5 m

SKU:#051507 Warranty3 years by Innergie Product No.:ING-ADP-60BW-WRB Short link:

Our vision is to continuously develop for The smallest notebook adapter, maximum power and the highest power efficiency in the world. Now, our vision has come true. PowerGear 60C's USB-C adapter is small, lightweight, and power up to 60 watts in a small size equivalent to 55 cc.

Can be used with mobile phones, tablets, notebooks and other USB-C devices. With the latest innovation of USB PD technology that automatically adjusts power supply according to devices using different power (5V, 9V, 12V, 15V, 20V) makes it possible to charge devices quickly with maximum efficiency. It's truly the only adapter for every device.

With a compact size The cylindrical design allows the plug to be plugged in regardless of the amount of plug space remaining.

This small size is the best modern and sophisticated technology we've ever developed. The invention of the unique structure that makes various components Has been elaborately designed for the PowerGear 60C, especially a combination of reduced size techniques with Determining the 3D position of electrical circuits That can transfer heat And has good performance Which is something that no adapter is currently able to do.

As a specialist in energy solutions for over half a century alongside Delta Electronic. Innergie has never ceased to improve. We were able to develop a smaller Planar Transformer for the first time in 2014. From then until today We were able to improve to a smaller size, again by breaking the record to become the smallest adapter in the world.

Collapsible plug type Has been created by the latest technology and designing the appropriate arc and angle Make it light weight Easy to carry everywhere.


3 years by Innergie