Innergie 65W Laptop Power Adapter for Dell Black (ING-ADP-65DW-YZUA)

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Key Specifications
  • Laptop Power Adapter for Dell

  • 65W Total Output Power

  • 3 Connectors

  • Cable Length 2.3 m

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Superior Power, More Performance
65-Watt laptop adapter with high charging efficiency has stable and reliable power to improve your charging performance.

Ultra Compact Size to Fit In Anywhere
Smaller than iPhone XR size, with included charging cable and interchangable laptop tips to power up your laptop anywhere.

Engineered for Efficiency
The Innergie 65W’s highly efficient 90% power conversion rate not only ensures maximum power is made available for your devices, but that the environmental impact is reduced. The efficiency also means less heat is produced, enabling a smaller form factor while maintaining a safe operating temperature.

Well Made, Durable, Top Quality Laptop Adapter You Can Trust
Innergie products' each manufacturing process is highly supervised and all products comply with international standards. You are not only buying a laptop adapter but also a outstanding service and manufacturer`s back up.

InnerShield™ gives you the protection and security
Only Innergie products come equipped with this powerful protection technology, offering a level of security no other device can match.

GreenSense™ promise to protect the environment
Our promise comes from our mission to conserve energy. By improving our designs, we strive to optimize energy use and realize our sustainable green energy concepts.


1 year (2 years online Registration) by Innergie