Orico High Speed USB3.0 Hub 4 Ports Black (H4928-U3)

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ORICO H4928-U3 is high speed USB3.0 hub, support 4ports of USB3.0 interface; you can connect with your PC, and disk driver, high definition camera with USB3.0 interface, video monitoring cameras, digital video monitoring cameras, digital video monitors and multichannel audio. High-band broadband and other peripheral devices. USB3.0 with high speed of 5.0Gbps, downward support USB2.0&1.1. ORICO H4928-U3 can make full use of USB devices, and support Multi-USB3.0 with traditional USB devices make operation simultaneously; Built-in current protection placed in the case of a sudden the effective
Protection of power connected equipment and the HUB itself, to provide enhanced durability and reliability.