SilverStone RGB LED Magnetic Strip 30cm 2-pack (SST-LS02)

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■ Package includes two RGB light strips
■ Displays any color by use of an RGB LED control box or capable motherboard
■ Coating with special light diffusion material improves light uniformity
■ Built-in magnetic strip and adhesive tape provides more installation freedom
■ Supports daisy chaining multiple light strips

LED strip is a must have for any enthusiast looking to brighten up their PCs. Improving upon SilverStone’s first light strip product, the LS01, the LS02 has three more LEDs for a total of 18 for extra brightness. By injecting the clear coating with special light diffusion material, it disperses its colors smoother and with better uniformity. LS02 can be controlled by hardware or software that can manipulate +12V, G, R, B, signals such as RGB LED control box or motherboard to display user’s desired colors. It also has the ability to daisy chain multiple light strips to accommodate various applications. Finally, to improve ease of installation and replacement, the LS02 has both built-in magnetic strip and adhesive tape to better meet the demand of enthusiasts that require more flexibility in installation.

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