Orico 1 Bay 2.5" SATA External Enclosure Black USB 3.1 gen1 (2598C3)

Key Specifications
  • 2.5" enclosure

  • USB 3.1 gen1

SKU:#028425 Product No.:2598C3-BLACK Short link:http://i.nvade.it/7ot See specifications from the manufacturer

Pull and plug in any direction
Reversible design
Smaller than Micro USB, reversible Type-C port helps you insert the connector in a right way all the time, easy and convenient.

Sleek interface
More durable and beautiful
Symmetrical and sleek port is more stable and beautiful than Micro USB3.0, suitable and durable.

1G movie = 4s
Transmission at extremely rapid speeds
USB3.1 port and Asus USB3.0 to SATA3.0 scheme, fast, powerful and widely compatible, supports USAP protocol that improves hard drive's performance, reduces CPU use efficiency and waiting time, realizes 6 Gbps transmission, which allows you to transfer 1G files in 4s.

Tool free installation in 3s
DIY hard drive you want
Do you still install hard drive enclosure with screws? ORICO has already adopted tool free push-pull hard drive enclosure with 3s easy installation to help you DIY HDD, SSD or 2TB hard drive you want.

Magnesium-aluminum alloy
Efficient cooling, fast storage
Comparing normal enclosure's plastic material, 2598C3 with 2mm magnesium-aluminum alloy chassis processed by anodic oxidation, is high-end and comfortable. Keep hard drive read and write in efficient cooling status even for a long time.