NUBWO X-Lusion M+ Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Blue Switch (Thai/English)

Key Specifications
  • LED light mode

  • Mechanical Keyboard

  • Blue Switch

  • 100% Anti-Ghosting

  • Functional Macro Program

  • Made from good aluminum material

Keyboard Switch: Blue Switch

Blue SwitchBrown Switch
SKU:#045105 Warranty2 years by NUBWO Product No.:X21 M+ X-LUTION-BLACK-BLUE-SWITCH Short link: See specifications from the manufacturer

LED light mode can be adjusted up to 20 patterns
There are 2 types of switches to choose from: Blue Switches and Brown Switches.
100% Anti-Ghosting. Can press 104 buttons at the same time.
Mechanical Switch Button
There is a function to change the WASD button to the arrow button by pressing FN + W.
50 million button lifespan
USB 2.0 easily connects And accurate with 1000Hz polling rate
Functional Macro Program For a more challenging gaming experience
Made from good aluminum material With high strength


2 years by NUBWO