EKWB Thermal PAD F 1.0mm - (120x16mm) (3830046996732)

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Key Specifications
  • 3.5 W/mK (+/-0.35)

  • Temperature range -55 ~ +200°C

SKU:#043573 Product No.:3830046996732 Short link:http://i.nvade.it/bkN

Replacement thermal conductive pad for use with EK water blocks. Along with thermal conductivity, it provides great elasticity and elongation with natural tack on one side. Can be used multiple times, thus offering great reworkability and electrical insulation.

Thermal pads are used to fill air gaps caused by imperfectly flat or smooth surfaces which should be in thermal contact. Please consult your installation manual prior purchasing to see what size and thickness is correct for your EK water block.