BYKSKI B-FRD240-RBW CPU Liquid Cooler

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Key Specifications
  • CPU Liquid Cooler

  • 240mm Radiator Heatsink

  • 2 x 120mm PWM ARGB fans

  • Dual A-RGB Mode

  • Motherboard AURA SYNC

Radiator Size: 240mm

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The integrated CPU cooler is a collection of pumps, water blocks, radiators, and Teflon water pipes connected as a whole to form a complete and effective internal self-circulating water cooling system, dedicated to the cooling of the motherboard CPU.

Light aluminum heat sink

The heat sink of the Bykski integrated CPU cooler is made of selected aerospace aluminum. It is forged by high-temperature forging into various parts. It is light in weight and stable in structure. The 12 water channels and the wave fins are tightly combined and evenly laid into a net. The good thermal conductivity and excellent corrosion resistance of the aviation aluminum ensure the comprehensive and rapid heat dissipation efficiency of the heat dissipation row.

High quality catheter, flexible and good

The integrated pump+block+heat-dissipating radiator are Teflon tubes made by extrusion, sintering, high-temperature sintering, shaping, etc. of the Teflon material. The tube friction coefficient is only 0.04, and Affected by temperature, it is a kind of self-lubricating material with excellent anti-adhesion. The inner wall of the tube is not easy to adhere to colloids and chemicals. The fluid flows smoothly in the middle. It has excellent flexibility and can be bent at will. It is not used as a catheter.

Colorful horizons, triumphant spring breeze

The fan is equipped with cool and colorful lights, and it is dyed with psychedelic visual sense. A variety of lighting modes are used to synchronize the motherboard application, and the DIY heart is moved.

The fan of 11 blades carries the speed of 1500APM, high airflow, high air pressure, and the wind is rushing. The wind and the heat flow are discharged, and the high temperature is quickly blown away, so that the CPU is like a spring breeze.


3 years by BYKSKI