NUBWO Stardust X92 Soft Gaming Mouse Mat

Stock Status: Discontinued
Key Specifications
  • 800 x 300 / 4 mm thick

  • Colorful RGB mouse pad

  • Cable length 2 m

  • Waterproof surface Water

SKU:#045109 Warranty2 years by NUBWO Product No.:X92 Short link: See specifications from the manufacturer

A trusted device for gamers Using special durable fabric materials Providing long service life Tightly woven Sew the edge well Prevents edge peeling or fraying Easy to clean
There is a place to store cables.
The edge of the x92 has round running lights by using an extra large bulb.
The base is made of rubber. It has good adhesion and does not slip.
Waterproof surface Water or liquids cannot flow or seep on the surface.
The thickness is 4 mm. Soft but can control the mouse very well.
There is a button to customize the light mode in one button.
High quality braided line, length 2 meters
Weight 480 grams
Size 800x300x4 mm.


2 years by NUBWO