Orico Power Strip 4 Slots + 5 Ports USB Charging (DST-4A5U)

Stock Status: Discontinued
SKU:#028398 Product No.:DST-4A5U Short link:http://i.nvade.it/7o2 See specifications from the manufacturer

One-stop power station
AC outlets, USB charging ports and phone / tablet stand 4 AC outlets charge computer host and digital peripherals; 5 USB ports charge all kinds of phones and tablets, more convenient; phone stand is good for watching videos, your power station for work and life.

High power, sufficient energy
Charge more devices 4 AC outlets pump out 2500W to charge appliances and digital peripherals; 5 USB charging ports output 40W (5 V2.4A per port max) to charge 3 tablets and 2 phones simultaneously.

Smart charging
Variable current, refuse to damage Detect phones, tablets or other devices to deliver ideal current, fast and stable, avoiding the damage caused by over charge and virtual current.

Efficient charging, no waiting
Pursue high-quality life Thanks to ORICO smart charging technology, its charging efficiency increases by 80%; being tested, fully charge phone in 2 hours, tablet in 3 - 4 hours, no more waiting, more efficient.

Innovative phone stand
Easy for watching video or chatting Stand design conforming to ergonomics allows to place iPad mini, cellphone and watch movie or video chat, no need holding it, releasing your hands.

Totally-enclosed safety cover
Prevent electric shock while protecting outlets ORICO totally-enclosed safety cover protects curious babies from electric shock and prevents dusts from blocking outlets.