Casio XJ-F200WN Projector WXGA 3000 Lumens

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Instant ON & OFF
Optical zoom lens <1.5X>
Dust resistance structure
Network Connection (Option)
USB power supply
Media player function
2 HDMI terminal
Wired LAN terminal
Control terminal (RS-232C)
Intelligent light control
Instant light control
Built-in speaker <16W>
Anti-theft lock

Entering a new era of Solid State Illumination Light Source Projectors.
In 2010, CASIO became the first company in the world to develop a Laser & LED Light Source for projectors. Developed in response to the environmental, economic and utilitarian needs of the era, this Solid State Illumination Light Source technology is being quickly diffused throughout the projector industry as the new light source standard. CASIO can look forward to continued growth in an expanding market as the leading manufacturer of Solid State Illumination Light Source Projectors.

Laser & LED Light Source Technology
It began with CASIO’s original development of an optical engine combining a high-luminance blue laser with a red LED. The high projection efficiency realized through outstanding energy-saving technologies and optical block optimization led to achievement of high brightness projection and lower energy consumption as compared with mercury lamp systems and other solid-state light sources. Product downsizing was achieved, moreover, with the help of freer design layouts and original high-density mounting technologies. The unique evolution of projectors that promise to establish new standards for the next generation continues.