Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut liquid metal thermal compound - 1 gram

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Key Specifications
  • 1 g

  • 73 W/mk

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The Conductonaut liquid metal thermal compound is designed for applications that require very high efficiency. Conductonaut is recommended for experienced users who are looking for a top performance product with best heat dissipation where temperature ranges are above 8 °C.

- Ultra high thermal conductivity
- Increased indium content
- Easy application with synthetic needle

Technical details:
Thermal conductivity: 73 W/mk
Viscosity: 0.0021 Pas
Specific weight: 6.24 g/cm3
Temperature: 10 °C to 140 °C

Important information:
The Conductonaut liquid metal thermal compound must not be used in contact to aluminum surfaces and must not get in contact with electrical contacts of hardware components! This prohibits use of aluminum heat sinks. Use heat sinks with copper, nickel or silver surfaces instead. Users are advised to be extremely cautious, the liquid metal compound must not get in contact with the multitude of electronic components around and under the heat spreader or die of the CPU, this applies to all CPU types such as Intel Haswell, Devil's Canyon, Broadwell and Skylake CPUs as well as AMD CPUs!

Store in original packaging in dry rooms, temperature approx. 20 °C.