Mayhems X1 - Black 1ltr

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Key Specifications
  • 1000ml

  • Boiling Point: up to 100° C

  • 85% Bio-degradable within 30 Days

Color: Black

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The X1 is based on a proprietary blend of refined vegetable extracts that are fully biodegradable and have a very low order of oral toxicity. It comes with a Child Safety Cap, as well as a spout to enable the consumer to fill all manner of systems easily. Mayhems X1 is recommended for use in systems where an ‘environmentally friendly’ product is preferred. It also contains non-toxic (GRAS) multi metal inhibitors formulated to protect water cooling equipment and associated systems against corrosion, scale and biological fouling, thus prolonging equipment life and thermal efficiency.

Mayhems X1 is not classed as harmful to aquatic organisms, is readily biodegradable and will not remain in the environment or pollute aquifers.

Properties & Benefits
Can be used with all of Mayhems Dyes to make your own colours
Child Safety Cap
Blended with non-toxic corrosion & scale inhibitors for protection of Copper, Brass, Steel, Nickel and Aluminium. Proven to ASTM D3306 and BS6580 standards
Very low oral toxicity, less than propylene glycol
Contains all the biocides you will need
-15c freezing point (dependant on mix ratio)
Generally Recognised as Safe (GRAS) by the US Food & Drug Administration as a food additive
Mobilizes to prevent scale or sludge filming
Boiling Point: up to 100° C (pressure dependent)
85% Bio-degradable within 30 Days
Bitter taste additives to prevent consumption
Can be stored for up to 3 years (in a cool dry environment)
Made in the UK
The 1ltr version no longer come with spout.