Thermaltake Pacific G1/4 90 Degree Adapter – Rose Gold

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Key Specifications
  • Thread : G1/4"

  • Rotary 90

  • Tt LCS Certified.

  • High-Flow and Leak-free Design.

  • Rose Gold

Color: Rose Gold

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Thermaltake Pacific G1/4 90 Degree Adapter – Rose Gold
Thermaltake introduces the Pacific Series Adapter fittings for the ultimate in custom PC water cooling configurations. Finished in Rose Gold-plated copper, the adapter fitting is in 360-degree revolvable design, and consists of two sealed O-rings with side printed Tt logo, allowing users to redirect the fittings at a 90 degree angle for easier tube routing. Choose from: 45, 90, 45 & 45, 45 & 90 degree, and 4-way connector, Thermaltake fittings provide a complete solution for DIY enthusiasts and PC builders by giving users ideal mounting, fitting and flow.

High-Flow and Leak-free Design
The C-Pro Series compression fittings are custom made for simplify the installation of PETG tubing. They are designed to work in tight spaces without compromising the compression seal or impacting the flow of coolant. The C-Pro range also features four rubber O-rings instead of the traditional two, this creates a more secure seal and more reliable performance.