XSPC X2O 420lph Ion Pump / Reservoir (5060175587367)

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Key Specifications
  • Inlets 2 x G1/4”

  • Outlet 1 x G1/4”

  • Voltage 12V (Startup 9V)

  • Power Consumption 6W

  • Noise Level 35dBA

  • Maximum Flow 420 lph (12V)

  • Maximum Head Delivery 2m

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The Ion's versatile bracket can easily be mounted to any 120/140mm fan, fan mount, or radiator and can rotate to four different positions. This allows the pump to be mounted in the majority of PC cases, without the need for any modifications.

On each side of the Ion is a G1/4” inlet port, making it easier to neatly route the tubing in your build. On the top of the Ion is a large M20 fill cap, for easy filling and toping up of the reservoir.

The Ion's internal components are encased in a high quality, extruded and CNC cut aluminium shell. Inside the shell is a reservoir and compact DC pump with a head delivery of 2 meters. This makes it powerful enough for multi waterblock and multi radiator systems.

The internal acrylic reservoir is LED backlit to lights up the coolant and viewing window. The Ion is supplied with a white LED, but it's easily replaceable with our blue, red, green, yellow, orange and UV LEDs. This makes it simple to perfectly match the lighting colour of your PC build.

Each Ion pump/reservoir is carefully hand assembled and pressure tested before sale, to ensure reliability and quality.

Dimensions: 58 x 50 x 154mm (excluding accessories)
Maximum Flow: 420 lph (12V)
Maximum Head Delivery: 2m
Power Connector: SATA Power
Voltage: 12V (Startup 9V)
Power Consumption: 6W
Noise Level: 35dBA
Coolant Capacity: 84ml
Shell Material: Aluminium
Reservoir Material: Acrylic
Maximum Temperature: 60C
Inlets: 2 x G1/4”
Outlet: 1 x G1/4”
Fill Cap: 1 x M20