Jonsbo VC-2 Black Video Card Stand

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Key Specifications
  • Card Holder Stand Bracket

  • Protech Video Card from Bent

  • Dimension:45mm x 45mm x195mm

SKU:#051870 Product No.:VC-2 BLACK VIDEO CARD STAND Short link: See specifications from the manufacturer

Using all-aluminum metal material instead of plastic material, the portal avoids the aging and vulnerability of plastic material, and can be used as a replacement for long-term components. The supporting rod is polished by all-anode process, which can maintain the surface texture of the product and keep the color from fading for a long time. The base is processed by CNC technology,the edge is smooth, the post-treatment of sand blasting anode process, and the metal texture is perfectly embodied in the product. The support module can slide up and down to adjust the position. It can be compatible with various chassis structures of traditional ATX, MATX, ITX and long power supply warehouse to satisfy all kinds of hosts of users. Concealed in the bottom of the reticulated rubber pad can facilitate the installation of users and firmly stand in the chassis, without scratching the chassis.