Orico USB 2.0 Hub 7-Ports Black (H727RK-U2)

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The USB HUB works is to connect the device to the computer's USB port, extended multiple USB interface for more use of USB devices through the built-in chip. Has the advantages of simple, rapid, USB HUB to become one of the many DIY users to extend the upgrade essential equipment.
The latest launch H727RK-U2 speed USB2.0 hub in ORICO appearance business simple, rectangular desktop space is also easy to organize. Matte matte surface treatment, easy to wear, or fingerprints, the middle part of the high-light technology, generous fashion. 727RK-U2 from the side of the rapid expansion of seven USB2.0 interface, support for connecting seven USB devices front LED indicators indicate 1 to 7 USB devices work state, a 5V/2A independent power, 3.0 regulator power for multiple devices at the same time stable power supply.