BYKSKI Poison MOD Water Cooled Gaming Aluminum Chassis (CE-Veneno-MX)

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Key Specifications
  • fits E-ATX motherboards

  • Max CPU cooler height: 190mm

  • 1 x 3.5" / 3 x 2.5"

  • up to 360mm radiator

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The Bykski Poison MOD Water Cooled Gaming Chassis is designed with a new concept of water cooling symmetrical beauty. The unique design creates clean lines and showcases the inner workings of the computer. The front glass panel shields the inside while allowing free airflow to help cool the components. Angled side panels create a stable platform while protecting radiators and adding to the agressive look of the Poison MOD case.

This carefully planned chassis supports a wide range of water cooling options. Both side panels have up to 240mm radiator support along with a bottom radiator mount of up to 360mm. The roomy interior allows custom loop designs. The case also has a case specific distribution plate designed for it that adds to the stunning clean lines and appearance of the build when using this case.

A wide range of quality of life features are also present. The case features USB3.0 support. Hidden SSD mounts are available behind the motherboard tray. 3.5mm headset and mic ports are easily accessible. Wire management is easy with cut outs available in handy locations.

3x Radiator Support
Wide Range of Motherboard Size Support
Designed for Liquid Cooling
Ultra Unique Open Concept

Case Material:Aluminum
Front Panel Material:Glass
Dimensions:645mm x 254mm x 539mm
3.5" Drive:3
5.25" Drive:1
Fan Support:120mm x 7
Maximum CPU Cooler Height:190mm
Maximum GPU Length:390mm
Maximum PSU Length:220mm
Cable Management Support: Yes
Top Panel Support:
Power Switch
Reset Switch
3.5mm Audio
3.5mm Mic
2x USB3.0