Aqua Computer QUADRO fan controller for PWM fans

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Key Specifications
  • 4-Pin connector and PWM controlled

  • RGBpx LED output for LED strips

  • QUADRO controller

  • Four temperature sensor inputs

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The QUADRO made by Aqua Computer is a four channel PWM fan controller with outstanding functionality, equally suited for water cooled or air cooled computers. Additionally, it features an RGBpx effect controller for 64 addressable LEDs.

Key features of the QUADRO include:
· Programmable four channel fan controller
· All fan outputs supply up to 25 Watt of power per channel and include speed monitoring
· All fan outputs with 4-Pin connector and PWM controlled
· All fan outputs can be switched off completely
· Versatile control options
· Four temperature sensor inputs
· Eight further values can be transferred from the PC to the QUADRO using the aquasuite software
· Flow sensor input
· RGBpx LED output for LED strips and fans with individually controllable LEDs
· USB 2.0 interface
· aquasuite software for a comfortable setup, evaluation and visualization of all sensor data
· aquabus interface: When connected to an aquaero, the fan outputs can be controlled by the aquaero