Tt eSPORTS Galeru Gaming Mouse Bungee (EAC-MSB001)

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Key Specifications
  • Gaming Mouse Bungee

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Tt eSPORTS is proud of its pro-gaming mice and perceives them as gaming solutions for professional e-Sports competitors. From the BLACK mouse series to other successful models such as the THERON and SAPHIRA, Tt eSPORTS has been a dedicated solution-provider for all gaming fanatics since 2010.

At Tt eSPORTS it is understood that each mouse movement can be a decisive moment, factors of precision and accuracy can be adversely affected by a mouse cable dragging against your control resulting in lowering competitor performance and focus.

For these reasons, Tt eSPORTS is now echoing out to the world that we also have a solution to allow gamers peace of mind when competing - the GALERU pro-gaming mouse bungee. The most simplified design yet capable of deliverying multiple functions to both mouse cable protection and an agent for your competitive triumphs – it is the only professional mouse cable organizer you will ever need.

GALERU mouse bungee is a beautifully designed gaming gear that serves for those who understand the importance of desktop management, and also those who crave for the needs to protect their mice cables.

Each time you glide the mouse, the cable often drags against the surface and the damage gradually appears on the cable. It’s natural, but also inevitable. With the GALERU you can prolong your competitive edge, adding layers of aesthetics on your desktop.

GALERU embodies the art of geometrical calculation on the base weight allocation, so regardless the strength from the mouse gliding behavior, GALERU can withstand the pulling force and auto-adjust your over-gliding situation.

The GALERU base weighs over 200g, and with the additional magnetic force that serves to firmly lock the GALERU neck to the base, the GALERU mouse bungee is a testament of a true mouse gliding experience.