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Key Specifications
  • Full set of 104 keycaps with 10 spares

  • Made from highly durable PBT plastic

  • Centrally placed dye-subliminated legends for great readability

  • Compatible with Cherry MX switches

  • Designed for GMMK keyboards yet compatible with most keyboards

  • Can be used with full-size, TKL, or compact keyboards

Color: Nebula

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Upgrade your keycaps with the Glorious GPBT Keycaps. Made from highly durable PBT plastic and dye-subliminated legends, these keycaps were built to last. There are 114 keycaps included, 104 in the standard US ANSI layout with 10 additional spares. Each set comes in a bold colour scheme, and with seven to choose from, there is definitely a Glorious GPBT Keycap set for you.

DURABLE, STYLISH Whether equipping a barebones keyboard with keycaps or upgrading your existing mechanical keyboard, the Glorious GPBT Keycaps are made from durable PBT plastic which resists light damage and general wear and tear. The legends are printed using the dye-subliminated method to reduce shine. They are centrally placed for a clear and easy read. Should your keyboard have RGB backlighting, it will shine around your keycaps vividly.
There are seven colour schemes to choose from in the range of Glorious GPBT Keycaps. This set is called Nebula, a cosmic mix of purple and pink keycaps. There are 144 keycaps in total, for the 104 US ANSI with 10 additional spare keycaps should you need them. Compatible with Cherry MX switches, these keycaps will work on most full-size, TKL, or compact keyboards.