SteelSeries APEX PRO TKL The Next Step in Mechanical Keyboards (Adjustable Mechanical Switch)

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Key Specifications
  • OmniPoint Adjustable Mechanical Switch

  • TKL

  • Customizable RGB Backlight

  • Aluminum Alloy

  • Magnetic Wrist Rest

Keyboard Type: TKL 84-Key

Full Size 104-KeyTKL 84-Key

Switch Type: Adjustable Mechanical Switch

Adjustable Mechanical SwitchBlue SwitchRed Switch
SKU:#045896 Warranty1 Year by Steelseries Product No.:B57-APEX_PRO_TKL Short link: See specifications from the manufacturer

The Next Leap in Mechanical Keyboards
The Apex Pro is the biggest leap in mechanical keyboards since the invention of the mechanical switch over 35 years ago. Each key can be adjusted to meet your preferred sensitivity level, whether it’s for gaming, work, or anything else.

Adjustable mechanical switches
From the world’s fastest featherlight touches, to deep and deliberate keypresses, the Apex Pro doesn't just adapt to every game, it seamlessly adjusts to you.

OLED Smart Display
An integrated command center displays useful information for adjusting settings, changing profiles, and seeing on-the-fly updates. Avoid tabbing out of what you're doing, and instead let your keyboard show you the important details.

Aircraft Grade Aluminum Alloy
The Series 5000 metal frame is manufactured for a lifetime of unbreakable durability and sturdiness, making it the perfect centerpiece of any high end setup.

Premium Magnetic Wrist Rest
The perfect keyboard accessory, with a simple magnetic solution for easy and secure attachment, full palm support, and durable soft touch finish, so you’re comfortable typing and gaming for as long as you want.

Dedicated Multimedia Controls
A clickable metal roller and the media key allows you to adjust volume and settings on the fly: change brightness, rewind, skip, pause and more, all at the touch of a button.

USB Passthrough Port
No more crawling behind your PC to plug in USB devices. Instead, insert a flash drive, wireless mouse/headset transmitter, phone, or any USB device directly into the keyboard.

Three-Way Cable Routing
Prevent your cable from stretching, pulling, and getting in the way. The frame has built-in channels that allow you to choose from one of three possible places for your cable to exit, keeping your desk tidy.


1 Year by Steelseries